A PhD Position for a student available as part of the TuneSCode project, recently approved by the Danish Council of Independent Research. Here some highlights:

  1. The project will look at tunable sparse network coding in wireless networks, a new and promising technique to tune code design and network management to strike a balance between computational effort at senders, receivers, and intermediate devices and throughput/delay performance.
  2. The student will be based in Aalborg University working with a dynamic team focusing on network coding and mobile networks research, but will spend 1 to 3 months each of the 3 years of the PhD in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  3. The student will carry out both theoretical analysis and practical implementations of the concepts, algorithms, and protocols, ideally in mobile devices.

For this position, we are looking for a student with the following profile:

  1. Background on communication systems, preferably wireless and/or mobile communications. This is highly desired but candidates from other disciplines will be considered based on their merits and potential.
  2. Background on mathematics, probability, and/or error correcting codes is highly desired.
  3. Background on programming, particularly C++, is highly desired. (Mobile phone programming is a plus)
  4. Master degree granted or to be granted before september 2013.
  5. Highly motivated and independent student willing to take the challenge to do a successful 3-year PhD program.
  6. Previous research and/or programming experience is desired.
  7. Good english verbal and written skills are a must.
  8. Excellent undergraduate and master degree grades is desired.

For more information about the position or students interested in applying can send their CV and grades to:del@es.aau.dk

The position will be available for applicants in Aalborg University’s system as part of the open contest process.
However, prior contact to the indicated email is desired.