The next CINCS (Communications, Information, Network, Circuits and Signal processing) seminar is on Wednesday November 30 at 3:00PM in RLE Allen Room 36-462 with guest speaker Xi (Vivian) Chen from Nokia Bell Labs.


Ultra-High Speed Optical Transceivers


An optical transceiver is one of the fundamental building blocks of high-speed fiber networks. This talk aims to give an overview of how an optical fiber network looks like, and the role of high-speed optical transmitters & receivers. The talk will also introduce the latest research topics in fiber communications and share perspectives on how future ultra-high-speed optical transceivers may look like.


Xi (Vivian) Chen is the Department Head for Opto-Electronic Subsystems Department at Nokia Bell Labs. She received her Ph.D. degree in optical fiber communication in 2012, from The University of Melbourne in Australia. Her research interests include fiber transmission, digital signal processing, ultra-high symbol rate signal generation and detection, etc. She is a senior member of IEEE, a fellow of Optica, and a recipient of Young Investigator Award (2021) from IEEE Photonics Society.