The Joint Mathematics Meeting is the world’s largest mathematics gathering. Prof. Muriel Médard will be speaking at a Special Session on Coding Theory. The Special Session on Coding Theory will be meeting on Saturday January 7th, 2023 from 8:00AM-6:00PM.

Prof. Médard’s talk is titled: ” Revisiting what we know about the usefulness of code construction.” She will be presenting at the AMS Special Session on Coding Theory for Modern Applications II Room 201, Hynes Convention Center, at 1:00PM.

Abstract: Careful joint constructions of codes and decoders generally presuppose, often implicitly, isotropic IID models of noise, generally achieved at the cost of interleaving and delay. These IID models are then sublimated into algebraic notions, such as distance.  We envisage a different philosophy. We consider taking as a starting point that the core parameter in operating communications system is the effect of the channel characteristics, such as the noise, which should be considered in terms of their realizations, not their average behavior or an arbitrary worst case number of errors.  With guessing random additive noise decoding (GRAND), the process of decoding is that of inverting the noise effect, followed by checking codebook membership.  The construction of the code can be in effect relegated merely to that of a good hash for verification of the validity of a codeword.  Trivially simple code constructions, from random to CRC, work extremely well. We mention some interesting areas of possible work for designing codes non-IID noise. All work is joint with Ken Duffy.

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