Onalytica Who’s Who report highlighting influential 5G experts is out today. This report provides a sample of influential experts from Event Speakers and Analysts to Industry KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and Content Creators.

Onalytica has been creating “Who’s Who” lists for over ten years, and curating Influencer databases for over one million influencers across 500+ topics in various industries. As 5G is a revolution in the tech industry, this report is designed to give a sample of the influential experts who are at the forefront of the 5G industry.

Prof. Muriel Médard is featured as a Key Opinion Leader, and also listed with secondary persona tags as an Event Speaker and Academic & Researcher. As an Industry KOL, Prof. Médard is regarded as an expert who has high credibility and authority on 5G within the industry, the media, and the influencer community on social media. Prof. Médard can be found on LinkedIn.

Discover Muriel Médard and other 5G experts in Onalytica’s “Who’s Who in 5G: Influential Voices and Brands” report below: