ISSCC 2023

The International Solid-State Circuits Conference is the foremost global forum for presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and systems-on-a-chip. The Conference offers a unique opportunity for engineer working at the cutting edge of IC design and application to maintain technical currency, and to work with leading experts. ISSCC 2023 will be in-person February 19-23, 2023 San Francisco, CA.

The GRAND chip will appear at ISSCC 2023. The GRAND chip was developed by Muriel Médard (MIT, USA) with Rabia Tugce Yazicigil (Boston University, USA), Ken R. Duffy (Hamilton Institute, Maynooth University, Ireland) and their groups. This chip implements ORBGRAND. It provides sub-0.8pJ/b 16.3Gbps/mm2 , record-breaking performance while being universal. They will use the chip to demonstrate how CRCs can achieve the same performance as CA-Polar codes.