A three-year research partnership between Professor Muriel Médard and JMA Wireless today, with the goal of delivering ultra-reliable low-latency (URLLC) wireless service. The collaboration is focusing on creating stronger reliability within wireless networks and reducing latency, while also manufacturing sustainable structures for this technology in the process. Previously, URLLC service demanded that there be hard-wired technology involved. This is the first time in history that this technology will be developed wirelessly.

Prof. Médard will be working with the JMA engineers Jaeweon Kim, Joe Constatine, Tony Masters, Junmo Sung, and Rodney Bryant to make this come alive. Vipindev Vasudevan, a member of the Network Coding and Reliable Communications group, will also be aiding this project. Prof. Médard looks forward to starting this collaboration and for the innovation that is to come!