Instructors: Yonina Eldar, Office Hours: By Appointments

Instructors: Muriel M ́edard, Office Hours: By Appointments

Teaching Assistant: Salman Salamatian, Room: 36-512
Office Hours: By Appointments

Admistrative Assistant: Molly Kruko,

Format of the Class: We will have one speaker per week. In the first part of the class, 1-2 students will deliver a presentation about one or two seminal papers suggested by the speaker, related to the talk. The second hour of the class will be the speaker’s talk. The talks will be followed by a coffee hour where students get to interact with the speaker in an informal setup.

Website: We have two websites for the class. The notes and slides for the class will be posted on Stellar, and can only be accessed if you are registered for the class. A website with the calendar of speakers, bios, and other information can be found on an open website TBD.

Grade: The grade will be determined based on your student’s presentation. Ideally, your presen- tation should be accessible, motivate the problems studied in the papers, and place them in the broader context of signal processing. The grading will reflect this, as well as general presentation skills. An example of the expected presentation will be provided on the first day of classes.