IEEE Future Networks World Forum to be held on 12-14 October 2022 in Montreal, Canada (+Hybrid),will feature a virtual Tutorial on Wednesday Oct. 12 with Muriel Médard (RLE MIT), Rabia Yazicigil (ECE BU), and Ken Duffy (Hamilton Institute Maynooth) presenting TUT6: Universal Decoding by Guessing Random Additive Noise Decoding (GRAND) from 2:00PM-3:30PM EDT.

GRAND will also be on display by Arslan Riaz, (PhD student in ECE at BU) who will present an in-person demo on the use of interleaved noise recycling in a single communication channel to improve the decoding performance using the universal GRAND chip. The demo will show the decoding gains obtained when noise recycling is applied compared to direct decoding. The D2 in-person demonstration, titled Improving the Performance using Noise Recycling for Single Communication Channels, also aims to show the decoding improvement obtained when the lead channels are dynamically selected for noise recycling.
Arslan worked with Rabia Yazicigil, Muriel Médard, Ken Duffy , Furkan Ercan, and Alperen Yasar on the paper Interleaved Noise Recycling Using GRAND, which the demo is based on.